Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Everything Drawing(comp. charcoal, sumi ink, graphite)

Pablo Picasso was never called an asshole.


swift said...

Actually he was, numerously. By other artists trying to one up him, by his lovers, mistresses. Not even just asshole, but this and the other, too. Check out Norman Mailer's biography of him. Its an awesome book about the life and times of Picasso. One of my heroes. Its worth reading even just the first chapter.

swift said...

Not meaning to sound contradictory, or as-in-a-matter-of-fact. And this was probably more in his early days in Paris, and Spain before he was too famous. Another thing I remember from reading that book. Picasso recalls some family member telling him about when they brought him home as a baby, his grandfather, leaning down, smoking a cigar, blew a big puff of cigar smoke into picasso...."as if to tell him.this is what life really smells like.. its no picnic, and is hard and so on; get used to it.."

Stacey J. Holder said...

I imagine Picasso having the potential to be a HUGE asshole!!! And selfish! Now I recommend a book, "Life With Picasso" by Francois Gilot, one of his many mistresses. She lays it out flat on the table, but not all bad. She paints a romantic(like cigarettes) portrait of an artist, mood swings, seduction, breakups, makeups, children, goats etc...it's fascinating. As for the caption, I was referencing a song by Jonathan Richmond and the Modern Lovers "Pablo Picasso." It's very funny, and makes me imagine Picasso was Mexican.